Standard Normal Z Table
Standard Normal Z Table

This spreadsheet makes working with the Standard Normal table, or Z
table, a breeze.  Any variable data set can be analyzed or summary
statistics can be entered without the original data!  Just select the
appropriate radio button for your situation and the spreadsheet
prompts you for the required information.  A complete Z table is
displayed (not half) and graphs of the bell curve and the probability
density function are shown.  You'll never have to calculate a Z value
Features Include:

  • Full Z table displayed with highlighted cells to showing
    the correct application of the table
  • Graphs of the bell curve and the cumulative frequency
  • Summary calculations for:
  1. Average
  2. Standard Deviation
  3. Z Value
  4. Point of interest, X
  5. Percentage above X
  6. Percentage below X
  7. Parts Per Million (PPM) above X
  8. Parts Per Million (PPM) below X
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